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Proudly working in the top 10% of Bayleys Real Estate

We are Auckland real estate agents founded on strong ethics, killer sales intuition and the highest level of integrity.

Our Auckland real estate team combines a triple threat of skills. We come from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, with an abundance of resources at our fingertips to provide you with the complete real estate package in Auckland.

We leave no stone unturned, no avenue unexplored, and nothing left to chance to get the real estate result you want. You will benefit from our combined expertise in Auckland-based house for sales, marketing, business management and more to secure desired outcomes that will support your future plans – all that, and we’re nice guys too!

Build your Auckland real estate portfolio with us, find your family their next dream home, and relax knowing that you and your properties are in safe hands.

2021- The State of Real Estate - Auckland

Auckland is a much sought after location for buyers from all over the world. Due to the Government’s decision to close the borders to tackle COVID, New Zealand’s popular growth from immigration has plummeted, which makes for an unusual time for real estate Auckland NZ. There is a highly competitive market due to a shortage of properties available and incredibly low interests rates for borrowing cash as of 2021.

Because properties are being built at the speed of light to catch up to the current demand, the price of current real estate in Auckland city has somewhat skyrocketed and auctions can get very busy. This is great news for those wishing to sell. With the market being an ever-moving target, it’s best to get the latest information on the current climate as it shifts and can be predicted to a small degree.

Our team at Kooger & Co are experienced with predicting windows of opportunity for great sales and buys in the moving markets so that you get the best deal from your NZ real estate Auckland. Selling or buying, we can advise when to go for it and when to hold off to maximise your profits.

Our Team Members

real estate auckland agent kooger

Jock Kooger

Residential, Investment and Development Specialist – Auckland Wide Top 5% of Bayleys Sales People 2019 – Nationwide Awarded top 20 NZ wide for Bayleys Residential 2018/2019 Servicing big and small real estate clients Auckland-wide.

Committed to realising the best outcomes for his vendors, Jock and his team work diligently to uncover all potentials and possibilities for each property to ensure that optimum result gets achieved.

Jock heads a Super Team from Ponsonby encumbering the broader Auckland market and specialising in Residential, Investment and Development properties, along with their like-minded buyers; A team dedicated to serving your needs.

Having well over a decade of property investing and studying the market, meeting individuals and groups from all different levels of expertise and NET worth, Jock has nurtured his well-honed work ethic. He operates from a platform of integrity and trust, giving you peace of mind when you entrust him to help you, your family or your company in whatever situation you may face.

Jock’s experience and skills are legendary. His vast database of experts from each sector of business, banking, trade-work and consulting, along with the high-end clients from throughout New Zealand and across the globe, helps Jock leverage each property opportunity to the next level.

Being a community-minded family man, Jock volunteers on the committee for his children’s local Scout Group. Valuing the opportunity to be positively involved with our younger citizens: the next generation of leaders.

Jock hopes to provide an excellent platform for young people to learn to work together; value themselves, others and the community.

When you want the best outcome – you need the best on your side, you need the best to negotiate and close the deal for you, and you need the best to grab hold of it and not let go. Don’t let your Auckland real estate dreams stay just dreams – Jock has the skills you need to make them a reality.

real estate auckland agent Pawel

Pawel Smuga

Pawel Smuga’s Auckland real estate business was founded on superior customer service and a commitment to meeting his clients’ needs.

Working part of the top 10% of Bayleys with Jock Kooger and MJ Kooger, Pawel brings energy and enthusiasm with the focus of carrying out cutting edge sales and marketing campaigns that advance the sales experience beyond traditional methods.

Pawel is technologically savvy and uses this to his client’s advantage by incorporating alternative marketing and research tools into his day to day work. Far-reaching digital technologies enable Pawel to connect with a wide range of potential buyers and access data that he can use to advise his clients where others struggle.

With over five years in the industry at a prime age, Pawel is well versed in the intricacies of property transactions, and his track record instils great confidence in his clients. He thrives on the opportunity to showcase his clients’ homes and the challenge of producing the best results possible in the current market. Pawel works towards the goal of sharing in his clients’ excitement and joy when they successfully sell or purchase a home.

With a background of more than five years in hospitality and Finance, Pawel understands how important delivering excellent service is and is a skilful communicator with the ability to handle time pressures and customer demands. He enjoys solving problems on his feet and delivering above expectation.

Pawel believes it is vital to maintain a strong connection to his local community, plays in a social indoor football team and enjoys keeping fit in his spare time.

real estate auckland agent Mj-Kooger

MJ Kooger

Wife of real estate star Jock Kooger, MJ Kooger is no stranger to the real estate business industry.

MJ has an entrepreneurial character, whose passions have seen her complete various studies and degrees in Political Science, and become a Registered Nurse, Qualified Makeup Artist and Hairstylist. She is ambitious, with a highly disciplined approach and driven to achieve her greatest potential.

Similarly, Mj is driven to achieve the best outcomes for her real estate clients.

She is a person of integrity and commitment, both enthusiastic and reliable.

She has excellent organisation and time management skills, providing quality service at all times.

When you’re looking for a reliable, professional, respectful and committed real estate salesperson – Mj Kooger is the right agent for you!

The Role of an Auckland Real Estate Agent in Your Property Journey.

What we can do for you.

If you’ve ever wondered what a real estate agent actually does, outside of the vague ‘they sell your house for you’ narrative, then stay awhile. Like a doctor is required to be qualified to perform surgery, a real estate agent is required to be qualified and licensed to sell your home. Real estate agents went through vigorous training, factoring in the laws of real estate rentals Auckland & land ownership, as part of their qualifications that allow them to be the trusted advocate handling your largest assets.

Best real estate agent Auckland, and agents worldwide, act as the middle man between you and your prospective buyers or sellers when you are in the housing market. They use their superior knowledge of the market, the available properties and housing laws to identify the right buyers and sellers to match up with you. When you are seeking a particular kind of home to purchase, real estate agents Auckland can give you advice on your options and stop you from making a financial decision that may harm you if the house in question is not up to a healthy standard or to the standard of the price being asked. In terms of selling, Auckland real estate agents work hard to sell your property for you so that you don’t have to worry about it.

That includes all of the marketing, photography, video work, open homes and back and forth between your buyers and yourself to land you with the best possible price. There is a lot of paperwork, and we mean, a lot of it. Changing property hands is a legal action with huge ramifications if handled poorly, and requires vigorous scrutiny over contracts. NZ real estate Auckland agents are here to guide you through the entire process without a hitch.

New Zealand Real estate agents are the advocate for your home and your interests. Your sale is their sale; your satisfaction is their satisfaction, so working together with qualified professionals when looking to part ways with property or get on the ladder is a smart and shrewd financial decision.

Talk to us today about how we can help your New Zealand real estate Auckland aspirations become a reality.

Why Choose Auckland?

If you’re considering purchasing property in Auckland, you wouldn’t be alone. In fact, you’d be in a lucrative and competitive market that is always being driven by eager buyers looking to cast new roots in New Zealand’s busiest and largest city.

How Much Is Your Home Worth?

Find out for free with us
Our experienced team here at Kooger & Co can offer accurate appraisals for your home, with the latest market evaluations and experts on hand to predict what you could get from a sale at this point in time. Market value fluctuates, so if you already had an appraisal, but it was several years ago, you might want to consider getting a new appraisal. Commercial real estate Auckland is always changing in value due to laws, border restrictions and supply vs demand. Find out your most up to date house value today. This appraisal is a no-obligation service, so you don’t have to sell until you’re ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate Auckland

You can easily list your rental property or home for sale with our team and it will be displayed via our website with amazing features like a 3D walkthrough, professional and thorough photography that captures your property in its best light and impressive video for added selling power. Based on the market trends and value of your home, we will discuss with you your options about listing and its price. Talk to us today to start listing.

While this is technically possible, we do not advise it. Without professional knowledge of the Auckland buying and selling market at any given time, you may sell yourself short or not sell at all. Pricing your property incorrectly, at the wrong time, based on the current market trends, can be an expensive misstep, as can selling or buying a property at the wrong time. Your real estate agent in Auckland is there to protect your interests and give you the very best advice so that you get the very best deal before property changes hands. Choose Kooger & Co to be your advocate in this real estate arena, we know our real estate, and we know how to get results.

Here at Kooger & Co, we combine selling and buying instinct with proven results that have earned us a coveted place in the top 5% of Bayleys Real Estate Auckland nationwide. That means that we handle some of the most impressive homes in the Auckland real estate market and know how to get the very best deals for all of our clients. With our strong team, we can draw upon each of our individual strengths and specialities to give you the best marketing, real estate sales, business management and much, much more so you are getting the complete package.

We work tirelessly for your satisfaction, making this whole process less daunting and stressful, with a great outcome you’ll be happy about.

Without an appraisal, you’d be guessing. A house valuation involves taking a look at your property and weighing it up against similar properties in the current market to find the most likely value price in the current real estate market. These values are subject to change due to various factors over time. We can provide free of charge house appraisals to get you started and experienced advice on the best time to sell or buy in your particular market.

No, your property is yours to do with what you like. If the offers being made on your house are too low (and we will advise you if they are), then you don’t have to sell. If the right buyer just doesn’t come through, you can wait and relist at a more opportune time to catch the price you are after. Of course, the price you wish to sell your property for may not correlate with what your property is currently valued at in the market, so let us do a free evaluation so you know how much you could expect to get in the current market. Real estate Auckland City fluctuates in value due to many factors out of your control like supply and demand, nationwide regulations (like the closing of our borders) and the development of the area in which the property resides.

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