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Is it worth getting a real estate agent?

In the words of our Kooger & Co team members, “would you trust your GP to do brain surgery, or would you rather pay a specialist to make sure you get the best results?”. As you might have already proven to yourself in other life situations, hiring an expert in the field is far more productive and convenient than avoiding their assistance. It’s indeed time and energy-saving, let alone cost-efficient. But why exactly is hiring a Real Estate agent beneficial in New Zealand? Whether you are buying or selling a property, let us show you the top 6 reasons why:

6 Reasons why!

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Real Estate Agents know the market like the palm of their hand.

These specialists are in constant interaction with the market and are able to follow the latest trends in it. Aside from the theoretical knowledge they learn to achieve their licence, they get the market’s feel every single day.

Whether they interact with sellers or buyers, Real Estate agents can actually see what is going on, how people react to price increases, or even how the government announcements generate fluctuations.

Besides, they can perceive, at first hand, the areas that are becoming more popular or more frequently requested. Not only because customers ask for them but also because they have a trained eye to foresee upcoming developments that will make a boom

They know what to look for, for you.

You can come with the most extensive list of property must-haves; rest easy that a Real Estate agent will make sure they meet your needs. Or even more, they can show you something better than you ever thought, without the hassle of spending long hours searching for them.

They can also help you notice even little details in each property that often go off the radar by the common eye. A Real Estate agent is always alert for those details and will spot them immediately, such as leaks, mould, insects, structural issues, etcetera. Their experience here is priceless, as it could save you a fortune in potential problems.
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They are fantastic professional networkers.

They know other agents who could assist in the quest, but they are also in contact with every role player in the industry.

By this, we mean contractors, for example, who come in handy if your property needs specific fixes before going out to the market. They can provide a full list of contractors and service people for you to select the right person for your job.

No one negotiates like them.

You could call them Masters of Negotiation, and you wouldn’t be wrong! It’s their aim and responsibility to defend your house’s value and obtain the best possible price for it.

On the other hand, if you were the buyer, they would also advise you on where to splurge your money, as well as where not to. They can save you large sums of money, especially for buyers who are stubbornly willing to pay for something that is not worth it at all.

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You can rest assured you will get the best fair price for your property.

A Real Estate agent knows exactly a property’s worth, so you know wholeheartedly you won’t be selling it for any less. At the same time, they can also prevent overpricing, and hence, failing at selling your property as a result.

When the price is right, it’s a win-win situation, and it sells incredibly faster, simply because what the buyer is willing to pay for it matches the market price.

A Real Estate agent can help you get the most value out of your property.

As we said before, a Real Estate agent has a trained eye and vast experience in the market and is in close contact with buyer’s demands and trends. Therefore, they can be a great source of advice to check your house and see what cost-effective renovations or fixes you could do to get an extra yield in the final selling price.

They know what is worth renovating and what not; with a specific and personalised assessment of your home, they will provide undoubtedly helpful tips to get the most value out of your property. Who knows? Maybe its price can go up an extra 5 or 10 per cent!

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